Setting up this Ghost Blog feels lightyears ahead of the time I first hosted a BBS at home on my PC. My Angelfire site doesn't exist anymore, not even on, disappointing but 1997 was a long time ago. Apart from the URL, all I remember were shiny, tacky GIFs and random links to curated sites.

It seems appropriate then that I celebrate this, the end of the WordPress era and beginning of the next with another fancy GIF. This one would probably have taken the better part of a day to download back then. A teal blue patch of ocean that I photographed on my Smartphone.

My first Blogger post in January 2004 was used to declare:

Life = 1/(entropy)

To be honest with myself, not much original information was added after that, except for more curated content, mostly originating from Google+.
A year after Google bought Blogger and about the same time that I got into web development professionally. The task was to create a Web Front-End for a supply-chain management solution. It went well, and by the target date, a JSP site was implemented and it signalled the end of the PHP era. I never got to learn Hibernate, because that's the project that also made me realise that pure software development was not a career that inspired me.

To be continued...