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I present my watchskin Boss

Made by me from the scratch, in PS, and Watchmaker.
Credit to bosswatches:

Nice sharp looking elegant skin, with coloured vivid dim.

There is a watch skin , scripted dim mode, plus 9 step dim fading.
Battery/24 hr/weekday/zoom.

tap center to zoom
tap 6 : choose to background of the face.
tap 3 > Dim There is: 1.OFF, 2:MIN DIM , 3:NORMAL DIM, 4:AUTO SLOWGLO, 5:ALWAYS
tap 9 > dim level 10 steps
tap between 10-11 > fade modes switch (30,60,85%)
tap 12 > choose 9 different dim colors.

Hope you like that, I really enjoyed to made 🙂

Free to use for everyone….

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CREDITS: Thanks to +Grondin Designs​ +CLR1 Design​

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