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Working Gadgets: Automatic Coffee Maker.

I've talked about my addictions before. I've got two: coffee and ice cream. The ice cream I don't do at home (yes, I've tried, but this series is about the gadgets that worked for me). The coffee I can't not do at home.

And by "coffee", I don't mean just any coffee. To me, coffee comes with milk, in the form of a latte or cappuccino.

What I really wish I had at home is some beautiful italian machine with a high end saturated group head with a PID controller and dual boilers for continuous steam and coffee. Obviously plumbed in, and on a dedicated 220V circuit. Because I find the OCD discussions about temperature drops fascinating.

Something like the La Marzocco GS/3, in other words.

But no, that's not what I have. And really, while I say that I would wish for something like that, I just know it's not what I need. What I need and what works for me is something where I push a button, and coffee just reliably comes out with proper steamed milk.

So in the end, no crazy high end beautiful italian machine for me that you can coax some sublime cup of coffee with. Instead of Italian engineering, I guess I'm more of a German – or in this case Swiss – engineering kind of guy. Reliable and everyday useful rather than over-the-top and beautiful handcrafted.

I've tried a few different coffee makers, but over the last 15 years or so, I've had a Jura Impressa. First the S9, which gave up after about ten years, and now for the last five years or so the Z7.

I'm sure there are other fine machines out there, but this one has worked for me.

(Side note and honesty in "working": the milk cooler that is a required accessory to really turn it into a "just press one button" machine is also fine, but the power supply to the milk cooler is a complete piece of sh*t. I had to debate whether I could really put the coffee maker on the "Working Gadgets" list because of that, but I'll just make a note of the one huge glaring engineering problem I'm aware of).

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