One of the theories that I was never to comfortable with is that of Dark Matter.

This article in Science daily has helped me make up my mind and now I am leaning towards being against the theory. Reason: We live in a special place.
Many things in nature demonstrate the words of the Quraan and Hadeeth wherein it is said that we are the best of creation. And everything we see around us is created for us as signs to the existance of Allah, if only we take the time to look.
Scientests have discovered that there are very few planets out there that can possibly support life. The ratio of water, oxygen, climate, etc. are all factors that are just perfect on earth.
There aren’t many solar systems with planets circling in an almost circular orbit.
Then there are less obvious signs, like the relative size of and distance to the Sun and the Moon from the earth making both appear as if they’re the same size.
Yes ofcourse we live in a very special place, and I therefore would not be surprised if the density of our area of space is just right to create this special environment. In fact, I would expect it to be unique. 

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