An interesting presentation on time and entropy, these two slides caught my attention:

The words “Our initial conditions were finely tuned, even un-natural, nobody knows why” specifically caught my attention. Many religious people do not like the word evolution because of the links to atheism and atheists. However, I’ve always had the view that if one defines a process or equation and then perhaps more importantly, sets the right preconditions to the process or equation, then one is responsible for whatever evolves to anything within the process.¬†

In english, if kneading and baking is my process and the measured ingredients flour, water and yeast are my preconditions, then I am the creator of the bread that the dough eventually evolves into.

So, to the presenter, at least someone does presume to have an idea why.
And it is not all the Big Bangs fault, its the One that sets determined the equations of life and the important preconditions, our Creator, Allah.

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