When Waze Won't Help, Palestinians Make Their Own Maps using Maps.Me and Ope…

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When Waze Won't Help, Palestinians Make Their Own Maps using Maps.Me and OpenStreetMaps

When you pass from Israel into the West Bank, part of the occupied Palestinian Territories, Waze’s directions simply end. To keep going, you need to change your setting to allow access to “high risk” areas. Even then, GPS coverage tends to be limited.

If you’re set on crossing the often invisible dividing line between Israel and the Palestinian Territories, your best option is to close Waze and open Maps.Me. The Belarus born, now Russian owned navigation app pulls from open source mapping and can be downloaded for offline use, a crucial feature in the Territories, where there’s no 3G for Palestinian providers.

Maps.Me is more than a source of directions. It’s a database of roads, schools, squares, shops, and other landmarks that programmers have plotted through open source mapping (a Wikipedia–like system, where anyone can add their knowledge), places that otherwise would have been left largely off the radar.

Maps.me started in 2011 in Belarus, and now has around 80 million downloads, says co-founder Alexander Boresk. The company, which moved to Moscow after a Russian internet company acquired it at the end of 2014, operates on a simple premise. It takes the open source information available through http://bit.ly/2iLvw4H — a free crowd-sourced mapping service — and uses its software to operate its own map and navigation tools with the data.

The real point though is that this app draws from open source mapping, so there is a lot more control and influence that locals have got over updating and improving the maps.

See https://www.wired.com/story/palestine-jerusalem-mapping/ and you can download the mobile apps for iOS and Android from http://bit.ly/2kMSbBL.

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Hope this helps our customers figure out where their data went

The network see's everything, but it takes way too much processing to make it feasible to interpret everything for everyone.

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Google’s new Android app stops other apps from wasting your data
Google is launching another stylish and simple Android app designed to help people manage one of the core functions of their phone — in this case, data usage.
The app is called Datally, and it’s…

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Rare Encircling Filament

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Rare Encircling Filament
We came across an oddity this week that our spacecraft has rarely observed before: a dark filament encircling an active region (Oct. 29-31, 2017). Solar filaments are clouds of charged particles that float above the sun, tethered to it by magnetic forces.

They are usually elongated and uneven strands. Only a handful of times before have we seen one shaped like a circle. (The black area to the left of the brighter active region is a coronal hole, a magnetically open region of the sun).

Credit: Solar Dynamics Observatory, NASA.

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A Tesla coil easily makes it to the top spot on our list of “Mad Scientist” equipment…

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A Tesla coil easily makes it to the top spot on our list of “Mad Scientist” equipment we want for the lab, second only to maybe a Jacob’s Ladder. Even then, it’s kind of unfair advantage because you know people only want a Jacob’s Ladder for that awesome…

PCB Tesla Coil Is Perfect Desk Toy

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