DNA Replication Has Been Filmed For The First Time

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DNA Replication Has Been Filmed For The First Time
“Here’s proof of how far we’ve come in science – in a world-first, researchers have recorded up-close footage of a single DNA molecule replicating itself, and it’s raising questions about how we assumed the process played out.The real-time footage has revealed that this fundamental part of life incorporates an unexpected amount of ‘randomness’, and it could force a major rethink into how genetic replication occurs without mutations.”

“The DNA double helix consists of two intertwining strands of genetic material made up of four different bases – guanine, thymine, cytosine, and adenine (G, T, C and A).Replication occurs when an enzyme called helicase unwinds and unzips the double helix into two single strands.A second enzyme called primase attaches a 'primer’ to each of these unravelled strands, and a third enzyme called DNA polymerase attaches at this primer, and adds additional bases to form a whole new double helix.”

“The fact that double helices are formed from two stands running in opposite directions means that one of these strands is known as the 'leading strand’, which winds around first, and the other is the 'lagging strand’, which follows the leader.The new genetic material that’s attached to each one during the replication process is an exact match to what was on its original partner.So as the leading strand detaches, the enzymes add bases that are identical to those on the original lagging stand, and as the lagging strand detaches, we get material that’s identical to the original leading strand.

Scientists have long assumed that the DNA polymerases on the leading and lagging strands somehow coordinate with each other throughout the replication process, so that one does not get ahead of the other during the unraveling process and cause mutations. But this new footage reveals that there’s no coordination at play here at all – somehow, each strand acts independently of the other, and still results in a perfect match each time.“

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Each glowing strand is a piece of double helix growing by replication at the left-hand end. They move at different speeds and stop and start. Dark gaps in the line are single-stranded DNA where one polymerase failed to attach (the fluorescent dye only binds double-stranded DNA).

Some surprises come out of being able to observe replication directly. For example, the two polymerases involved in replication (one for each strand) aren't coordinated. They stop and start at random, but overall they move at the same average speed, so everything works out. This stochastic model is quite different from a smooth-running, coordinated machine usually imagined.

CREDIT: James Graham, UC Davis

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A Proton Arc over Norway

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A Proton Arc over Norway
A  proton arc is a rare type of aurora.
As the name indicates, proton arcs are caused not by electrons but by more massive protons that bombard the Earth's atmosphere following an energetic event on the Sun.

Video source: https://vimeo.com/timoksanen
Video credit: Timo Oksanen

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Ferrofluid Skull Sculpture

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Ferrofluid Skull Sculpture
This ferrofluid skull sculpture is hauntingly beautiful. Ferrofluids become magnetized when near a magnetic field. They were originally invented by NASA in 1963.

Amazing magnetic fluids – Read & Learn:

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1,000 Years of Scientific Texts From The Islamic World Are Now Online

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1,000 Years of Scientific Texts From The Islamic World Are Now Online
Between the 9th and 19th centuries, Arabic-speaking scholars translated Greek, Latin and even Sanskrit texts on topics such as medicine, mathematics and astronomy, fostering a vibrant scientific culture within the Islamic world.

The library, a joint project of the British Library and the Qatar Foundation, offers free access to 25,000 pages of medieval Islamic manuscripts. Among some of the most significant texts:
The Book of Knowledge of Ingenious Mechanical Devices (1206 A.D.), which was inspired by an earlier, 9th-century translation of Archimedes’ writings on water clocks. Devices such as the "Elephant Clock" were the most accurate time-keeping pieces before the first pendulum clocks were built in the 17th century by the Dutch scientist Christiaan Huygens.

This is one of the only three recorded copies of an influential treatise on the construction and use of astrolabes by Abū al-Rayḥān Muḥammad ibn Aḥmad al-Bīrūnī (973-1048), containing 122 diagrams.

Give it a try here:


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The "spider web" view of the Universe looks remarkably like a neuron map…

The "spider web" view of the Universe looks remarkably like a neuron map of the brain.

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You surely knew that our Solar System is part of the Milky Way Galaxy. But did you know that the Milky Way is part of the #Laniakea Galaxy Supercluster? Watch the video: Laniakea: Our home supercluster

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Finally! #science   #genetics  

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Finally! #science   #genetics  

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Gene That Makes Women Happy Identified
A gene that seems to make females happy, but not males, has been identified by researchers at the University of South Florida, Columbia University, and the New York State Psychiatry Institu

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BREAKING NEWS: Time Travel theories disproved in simple blog experiment.

It’s official. We can all let go of those fantastic idea’s of going back in time to fix mistakes of the past or passing back information such as lottery numbers and share prices.

Marty McFly has not visited unfortunately and if you’ve read my previous blog post you would have realised by now that all is lost in this field of theoretical physics.

Just in case any Time Travelling wannabe attempted to dupe me into believing that he/she was from the future, I left out one important part of my (ingenious) plan; A password: wormhole

The password is only mentioned in this post, which only a true Time Traveller would’ve had access to while reading the previous post, before today. You know what I mean.

So there, scientists, theoretical physicists, bored engineers and the like, you can cross off one waste of time theory and concentrate on something with more substance, like teleportation now.

Calling all time travellers.

It’s time to end all debate on time travel. Here and now. With this blog post, I aim to settle the matter of time travel once and for all.


Dear Time Traveller.

I’m guessing that prior to having invented time travel, you 1st embarked on a literature survey. I’m also hoping that Google still exists, whenever you are and that this blog post is still archived somewhere. I’m also hoping that the millions of readers that read my blog have raised the Page Rank of this post significantly so that you would have found it during your literature survey.

If you are about to embark on some time travel adventure, I want you to please set your destination clock to a time that allows you the opportunity to convince me that it is possible. You will need to travel down to now (check post date and time), and to Johannesburg, South Africa, and come say hello. If you do, I will update this post, verifying that Time Travel is indeed possible.

If however you don’t make it, Time Travel shall, in 24 hours time, be deemed impossible. Humanity will give up hope in the possibility and either you or your project will no longer exist as a result.

Your clock starts now.

New Path Found To Antibiotics In Dirt(Sand)

This article in Science Daily mentions the presence of Anti-biotics in soil, which reminded me of a Hadith I read which stated that the Sahaaba used to injest a pinch of soil (taking Allah’s name ofcourse) when they were ill. Not that there needed to be antibiotics properties there in the 1st place for Allah to cure them, but the very fact that there is could have been just because of their duah / faith in Allah.

Of course we live in a special place! Bye bye dark matter.

One of the theories that I was never to comfortable with is that of Dark Matter.

This article in Science daily has helped me make up my mind and now I am leaning towards being against the theory. Reason: We live in a special place.
Many things in nature demonstrate the words of the Quraan and Hadeeth wherein it is said that we are the best of creation. And everything we see around us is created for us as signs to the existance of Allah, if only we take the time to look.
Scientests have discovered that there are very few planets out there that can possibly support life. The ratio of water, oxygen, climate, etc. are all factors that are just perfect on earth.
There aren’t many solar systems with planets circling in an almost circular orbit.
Then there are less obvious signs, like the relative size of and distance to the Sun and the Moon from the earth making both appear as if they’re the same size.
Yes ofcourse we live in a very special place, and I therefore would not be surprised if the density of our area of space is just right to create this special environment. In fact, I would expect it to be unique.